Individual Income Tax Payment Plan Request
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Terms – Compliance with all terms is required, default on any term can lead to enforcement action.

  • You must make all payments on Payments are not taken over the phone.
  • All payments must be made timely.
  • Future balances cannot be added to this agreement.
  • Return payments and insufficient funds will cause your payment plan to cancel and a $50.00 Return Payment Penalty will be added to the account.
  • You may pay in full or make additional payments at any time.
  • Use the same Names(s) and Social Security Number(s) that were listed on Arizona Form 140, 140A, 140EZ, 140PY or 140NR.


  • Once you receive your confirmation letter, make your monthly installment payment on or before your proposed payment date.
  • If necessary, an ADOR agent may call you for more information to approve the payment plan.
  • Interest is charged from the original due date until the balance is paid in full.
  • Depending on the amount owed, a tax lien may be filed against your personal property.
  • Any offsets or refunds applied to your account are not considered payment towards payment agreement.


The process to establish your payment plan request in our system will take approximately 60 days after the tax filing deadline (traditionally April 15, however there are times when the deadline can be extended). Please allow us 60 days after the tax due date before you follow up with us regarding your request.

  • Enter Mailing Address Information
  • Click on Validate Mailing Address
  • After the address authentication process, Click Submit

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